Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Remembering Grandma J

Grandma J's 85 Birthday Party
At my Graduation

Friday the 5th of September my Grandma Johnson passed away. It was hard when I first got the news, but then I was able to fly home for the funeral to be around family. Grandma J has always been one of my biggest supporters. She has been at every major event in my life. The rest of my grandparents passed away before I was 8, so Grandma J was the only grandparent I grew up with. I have felt so blessed to have had to opportunity to always live so close to my grandma. She has been coming to Sunday dinner with our family every week for the past few years. It has been a great tradition, and I cherish the time that we spent with grandma. Grandma J has done so much for all of her grandchildren and the great grandchildren as well. She has never forgotten a birthday, anniversary, etc. Her family meant the world to her. She was very talented with sewing and crocheting. I have multiple afghans that grandma made for me. She also crocheted baby blankets for every great grandchild, including one for my baby (if it ever comes)!

The funeral was very nice. Every grandchild was able to make it even though we are spread all over the US. What a tribute to Grandma. I am sure she was very happy knowing we were all together. My dad's sister and her husband are currently serving a mission in the Philippines and were not able to be there. They were, however, able to listen to the whole thing via phone. We all love Grandma J so much. It was hard saying goodbye, but it is comforting knowing we will see her again.


Whitaker Family said...

I am sorry to hear about your loss. That is something that is so hard and I wish that it were easier. I hope everything is going well. Give your family my regards. Love ya

The Sanchez Gang said...

hey it is Lacey tidwell, i found your blog on the SF 2001 blog.. how are you? email me at so i can add you to my blog! hope all is well!

Jacque Crouch said...

Kandis, I am so sorry to hear about your grandma. Grandparents are truly the greatest! I had to stop in on your blog and tell you hello. It looks like you and your hubby are doing so good!! I have so many fun volleyball memories with you!! Keep in touch.
Jacque (Sheen) Crouch

kathy said...

Kandis, your blog is fun. I love looking at your pictures. It's nice you have a little time now to do this since Colt is studying so much.