Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Joining the Blogging World!

So I finally did it. I started a blog. With Help from my sister in law, Alli I was able to find a background and get going on this. I am slowly catching on!

After a summer that went by too fast, and saying goodbye to our friends and family Colt and I headed out to Missouri on August 1st. Colts mom and dad drove the moving truck (thanks Rich and Judy) and Colt and I drove the Accord. We got here very late on the 2nd/3rd (Midnight), and unpacked the truck. I quickly became acquainted with the bugs out here. I went into our guest room to open the door for Colt and his dad to bring something in, and there were tons of crickets, beetles, spiders, etc. I had bug spray and started spraying 2 big spiders. One started chasing me, and for those who know me know I hate spiders!!! I kept spraying him but he kept chasing me. Everywhere I stepped he would go that way too. There were other bugs crawling towards me as well. I turned to run away, and just then a frog jumped out from the opposite way towards me. I lost it and ran into the house!!!

After 2 days of unpacking we decided we wanted to go check out the state. We went to Hannibal, MO (Home of Mark Twain) and rode on a river boat on the Mississippi river. We also experienced our first rain storm that day....WOW we don't know rain in Utah!!!! We then did a little church history...Adam-ondi-Ahman, Liberty, and Independence. The next day we drove to Nauvoo and went to the temple. It was beautiful. Nauvoo is a really fun area with a lot of history. We also went to Carthage the same day we went to Nauvoo. That was an awesome experience. It was just Colt, Rich, Judy, myself, and the missionary in the room. It was something I will never forget. The Spirit was so strong. It is amazing to think we were standing right where Joseph Smith was standing.

The last day we drove out to St. Louis to stay overnight. We drove downtown and went up into the famous arch. That is another fun city to visit. We drove a lot, but we had a great time with Colt's parents. I am so glad they came out, and we really appreciated all of their help. It was a great way to get acquainted with our new state!!

Pictures to Follow.....

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