Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Colt's White Coat Ceremony

So Saturday, August 16, Colt had his white coat ceremony. It was very neat. My mom was able to fly out to see the ceremony. She wasn't able to come to my white coat ceremony, but Colt's parents were able to come. Colt's parents weren't able to come to his, but my mom was able to. We are very lucky to have such great parents. The white coat ceremony had a few speakers. The keynote speaker was very good. She is a doctor who just finished her residency, and found out she had breast cancer. She had some amazing words to give to the new students. Then they called the students up to put on the white coat. Colt looked so official! They explained that when you are a student you start out with a short coat, when you go to residency it gets a little longer, and when you are done with residency it gets even longer. So, yes I have a longer coat than Colt!!

The next day the three of us (Colt, My mom, and me) drove out to Hannibal, MO. This time we walked around the town. It was beautiful. It is a darling town with a lot of beautiful views. We walked up to a light house that looks over the Mississippi river. It is a place that Mark Twain wrote about. We also went to another area called lovers leap. It was a beautiful day, and we had a lot of fun. We are really glad that Colt's parents, and my mom were able to come out to see where we are at. We love having guests!!! Hint Hint to anyone who desires to come see the Midwest!!! Pictures to follow!!!

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