Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tornadoes, Floods, and Heat!!!

So, yes I know it has been a very long time, and I have so very much to write about...I don't know where to start. So I will do 2 entries: this one to catch up, and one to tell about the AMAZING concert Colt and I went to last night (yes it was Keith Urban).

So in May we had a Tornado rip through the town of Kirksville. It was VERY scary. I got home from work, and the storm radio was going off like crazy. I went up stairs, and heard it announce that there was a tornado headed for Kirksville. Now keep in mind that EVERYONE from around here made fun of us for even having a storm radio. They all told me I am worrying for nothing, and that tornadoes don't hit Kirksville. WRONG!! Within 20 minutes the tornado hit. Colt and I were tucked safely away in the tub with his giant foam pillow over us, and Bauer was safe in his kennel next to the tub. We heard the wind and the power flipped on and off. The tornado touched down about a mile away from us, and did a lot of dammage to many homes and businesses. We had friends and ward members whose homes were destroyed. It is amazing what powerful winds can do. The whole thing was surreal to see. The dammage was unbelievable. We feel lucky to have come out unscathed, and our hearts go out to those who lost so much.

A couple weeks after the tornado we had a flash flood. It was crazy. Our whole back yard filled up with water. There was a waterfall from the road to the storm ditch we have going down the back yard. I was worried for a bit that we might get a little water dammage, but again we were spared. Some houses across the back from us were not so lucky. They had quite a bit of flooding. I will post some pictures.

Since the tornado and flood we have had very hot weather. (In between the days its not raining) Try 97 F that actually feels like 110 from the humidity!!! Wow the weather here is CRAZY!!!

Colt's turn- So, besides enjoying the fiery inferno that we so lovingly call Kirksville, I had a fantastic opportunity to rotate with a doctor after my first year in a little Missouri town with a population of 950 (which is including both cats and dogs over 6 lbs......... apparently they got counted in the last census). It was a wonderful experience, and a great "first" exposure to family medicine. Both the doctor and his staff were fanstastic. Let me just say this, if anyone has fungal toenails or just needs them clipped, I am now a professional with a set of clippers a drumell tool! Do yourselves a favor- brush your teeth and wash your feet.

Back to Kandis- We are now just enjoying the summer. Colt has been Mr. Project Man. Everyday I come home from work he has accomplished some new project. He planted flowers, built a flower bed, sprayed the lawn with weed killer and bug spray, fertilized, planted new grass, and steam cleaned the carpets...Wow he is amazing!!!! I am so Lucky to have him!!!

Flood Pictures: Our backyard

Hiding in the bathtub before tornado hit and the sky after it hit

Looking out our friends' roof (their roof hit this roof across the street)
Looking stright onto our friends' home. The roof is completely gone

The Day after the Storm: The car dealership was completely destroyed. Cars were flipped and tossed. Most of the windows were blown out.

Day After: one of the homes destroyed.
Another Home

There was a lot of coverage on this. We were on the Today show, GMA, the Weather Channel. It was crazy to see all the coverage the little town of Kirksville got. You can also look up videos of the tornado on You Tube.


Cloward Family said...

CRAZY!!! I don't know what's more amazing - the storm or that you finally posted!! No, I'm kidding. I'm so glad you guys are okay! It sounds like you are "livin" it up in Kirksville! We miss you and can't wait to see you when you come home!

Anonymous said...

Kandis... its now September how about another update? :P

Grandma Hazards Daybook said...

2-1-2010 High Colt and Kandis, It is pretty late but I have just added to my blog...the third time. Like you, I let the whole thing die, but only because I decided because I was a senior, that forgetting how to blog was frustratingly okay. Not! Matt and Jamie came to my rescue Saturday night, so now with Jamies pathway written just for me, I can do this.
I loved reading your catch up of those 5 months. So,if you do and I do, we can keep better track of one anothers lives. I hope that you can add me to your blogg list of friends. Love, G.H.