Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...a little late!

Sorry I started this post last week and just finished (1/13/09) I know I am a slacker!!

First off, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and a great New Year.  As for Colt and myself, we had a great Publish PostChristmas....but an okay New Year (We were back in MO, and I was sick).  We went home to Utah for Christmas, and it was a blast. Unfortunately the trip was shorter than what we would have liked, but it was still so great to see family, friends, mountains, and just be home.  It was a very busy week with family parties, Christmas, Cafe Rio (Oh how Colt has missed it!), snowmobiling, etc.  It was truly an awesome Christmas.  The best surprise was my brother Mark and his family drove up on Christmas Eve and surprised us all (they live in AZ right now, and said they couldn't make it up).  It was so fun to see them.  We were all surprised...well mostly...I found out a 1/2 hour before they arrived, but the best reaction was from my mom and Paul's kids (esp Bailey). What a good memory.  

We had a fun time with our families. We played a lot of Guitar Hero World Tour, had lots of sleepovers, stayed up very late every night, went sledding and snowmobiling, and basically fit in as much as we possibly could in 1 week.      

Colt and I officially have a new member of our family...Jack Bauer. He is our Shih Tzu puppy we got for Christmas, and we call him Bauer.  He is now 14 weeks, and a lot of fun.  He is also kind of naughty, and he definitely mirrors both of our stubborn personalities.  He already has an adorable personality, and loves his toys.  He loves to play fetch, and he thinks he can jump (Instead of gently jumping off the couch he leaps half way across the room.  It is hilarious.) We are having a lot of fun with him.  He loves Colt so much, and loves to still Colt's pencil while he is studying.  It is great. 

Well as for New Years, I was sick.  I had the stomach bug, and was miserable. I was literally puking my guts out at midnight.  Oh well, so it goes. We are now back to the grind. Colt has a very busy quarter, and I am busy with work. 

We wanted to say thanks to all of our family and friends for making our trip to Utah so great. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful families whom we are both so close to. You all do so much for us, and we truly appreciate everyone. We love and miss you!




Brendon and Stephanie said...

Cute pictures! Your little Bauer is adorable. We'll have to see his pencil stealing and jumping tricks in person.

The Stevens Family said...

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